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KLINGER – Ball Valve 109A/109C


จากประเทศ Austria/Australia/Germany


• Pressure rating 1000 psi non-shock for water, oil and gas
• Temperature range -29°C to 232°C
• Glass reinforced P.T.F.E. seats, P.T.F.E. steam seal
• Stainless steel handle, plastic insulated
• High Strength body bolts
• Blow-out proof stem
• Adjustable packing gland


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บอลวาล์ว 3 ชิ้น แบบหน้าแปลน

3-Piece Full Bore Ball Valve Investment Cast
Figure 109A – Stainless Steel
Figure 109C – Carbon Steel
Flanged end Pieces – DIN 3202 F1

3-piece design allowing withdrawal of centre valve body for cleaning or maintenance simply by removing body bolts-whilst the end pieces remain in-line. This design also permits welded connection of the end pieces into the pipeline

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