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SPENCE – Pressure reducing Valve


Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valve
Type D50


• Direct Acting
• Steam, Water or Gas
• Spherical Seating Surface on Floating Stainless Steel Disc for Tight Shutoff
• Unique Adjustable Aspirator
• Five Spring Ranges
• Integral Stainless Steel Strainer


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The valve shall be self operated, requiring no external energy source. The valve shall operate quickly and provide dead end shutoff. The body materials and rating shall be cast iron for 200 psig and 400°F Bronze or Stainless Steel for 300 psi and 420°F Valve trim material is to be stainless steel. Valve to have a standard aspirator to allow for adjustment of operation.

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Type of Valves

Pressure Reducing Valve

Product Subtype

Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valve
Type D50


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