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VALAS – Lift Check Valve


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• The valve prevents the back flow on system shutdown.
• Prevention of flooding.
• Y-type suitable to high pressure.
• Perfect sealing with the disc seat made of Carbon Graphite PTFE.
• Protection of any item of equipment that can be affected by reverse flow, such as strainers and control valves.
• To check the pressure surges associated with hydraulic forces, for example, water hammer.
These hydraulic forces can cause a wave of pressure to run up and down pipe work until the energy is dissipated.
• It is designed only for installation in horizontal pipelines.
• The valve is robust and requires little maintenance.


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This valve blocks liquid flowing conversely. This is used mainly when there is big pressure loss due to radical change of liquid flow. Lift type valve has only few defective riskd. Therefore, it has longer lifetime, is more stable, and leaks less than the other type of valves.

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Type of Valves

Check Valve

Product Subtype

Lift Check Valve
Type V353-F/S


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