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VISILUME – Circular Sight Glass


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We have a wide range of sight glasses to suit different processes and environments:

• Circular sight glasses for viewing the contents of a tank or pressure vessel.
• Metaglas sight windows which have unmatched strength and offer the ultimate solution for operator and process safety.
• Glass tube liquid level gauges to view the contents of a tank or pressure vessel.
• Rectangular site glass fittings to view the level and contents of a tank or pressure vessel.
• Transparent level gauges to view the contents of a pressure vessel.
• Sanitary and hygienic equipment.
• Water treatment sight window fittings


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Observing processes under pressure and vacuum in vessels, tanks,reactors, filters and other plant and pipelines requires effective illumination and a clear unobstructed view.

VISILUME works with established internationally known suppliers dedicated to the lighting and viewing of process operations. We offer a comprehensive range of engineered solutions using proven, safe methods and products.

Familiar with the whole spectrum of applications found in process and related industries, our experienced engineers offer the best solutions to suit your needs.

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