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The Bolting Specialist
Alpha Bolting & Rental Service

On-site Bolting Service


Serving wide ranging industries in the region, Alpha has a team of OEM trained technicians. They are experienced and competent in carrying out the most difficult bolting operation in a safe, reliable and cost effective manner. We provide our technicians continuous training in product technology, health and safety program to ensure that they are competent to the task in hand.

On-line Leak Sealing

Leak Sealing

Any escape of gas or liquid from a plant machinery while it is operating results in production downtime that translates to added costs aside from potentially hazardous substances leaking into the working area. When this happens as It sometimes does, leak sealing is the only viable alternative if the machinery is to continue working even temporarily without sacrificing productivity and the meeting of deadlines.

Repair Field Machining – Flange Facing

Onsite Machining

Repair Field Machining – Flange Facing 0 – 12” (0-305mm)


  • High accurracy bearing

  • Helical gear drive for improved surface finish

  • Fast set 4 jaw base

  • Swivel tool post and groove attachments included

Repair Field Machining – Flange Facing 6 – 40” (153 – 1000mm)


  • High torque drive with only a 60 dB noise level

  • Latest linear technology for durability and repeatable accuracy

  • Quick set adjustable clamping jaws

  • Swivel toolpost for grooves and bevels

  • Continuous groove geared facing and boring feeds

Pipe Cutting and Bevelling Machines

Onsite Machining

The Hydratight NB or Narrow Body portable Clamshell series are ideal when space is at a premium. Each of the machines within the NB series have a height of 76.2 mm (3″) and a width of 57.2 mm (2.25″).The resulting narrow body low profile design makes the NB series the perfect choice in tight spaces or if obstructions are present.


  • 15 Standard models cover a range from 50.8 mm (2.0″) to 914.4 mm (36″) OD

  • Pneumatic, hydraulic and electric drive options provide increased versatility

  • Stepped and keyed gear clamps equipped with a through bolt provide a positive fit at each assembly joint

  • Fully adjustable heavy duty bearing design provides greater serviceability

  • NB series clamshells accept a wide range of accessories to increase performance and expand capabilities

  • Locator extensions are compatable with the MS series clamshells

  • Several different drive options are available to best position the motor for a specific machining application

High pressure water jet cleaning

ServicesManpower and Tool & Equipment Supply for

General Mechanical Works and Manual Cleaning

  • Heat Exchanger

  • Pipeline

  • Others

High Pressure Water Jetting

  • Static Equipments

  • Pipeline

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Understand customer’s problem and Offer professional solutions by our Specialized Service Team

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With the decades of experience, Alpha Group’s team service is extremely ready to serve all of our customer’s satisfaction very well.

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