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ZOOK-Rupture Disk


ONE source for ALL your Rupture Disk needs…

Our Product Solutions

• Reverse Acting (Compression-Loaded) Metal Rupture Disks
• Forward Acting (Tension-Loaded) Metal Rupture Disks
• Sanitary Rupture Disks
• Ultra-Low Pressure Rupture Disks
• Graphite Rupture Disks
• Transportation Rupture Disks
• Extrusion Burst Plugs
• Custom Welded Assemblies (CWA)
• Explosion Vents


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ZOOK designs, manufactures and markets metal and graphite rupture disks and related over‐pressure protection products. Zook serves a wide array of customers in the chemical, petro‐chemical, petroleum, energy and pharmaceutical industries as well as OEM and specialty markets. ZOOK is dedicated to becoming your single source for all your rupture disk needs.

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