Alpha Group Co., Ltd. | Steam & Fluid Control Solutions

Company Introduction

Alpha Group Co., Ltd. | Steam & Fluid Control Solutions

We are an importer and distributor of industrial valves for steam and fluid control solutions, sealing gaskets , bolt tightening products, safety device and control products.

Corporate Information

Steam & Fluid Control Solutions

Alpha Group Co., Ltd. was found by four classmate engineers graduated in chemical engineering. The company established in April 11, 1984 with the capital registered Baht 500,000. At present, the company has the total registration value of Baht 70,000,000.

Alpha group Co., Ltd. is not only a traditional trading company but it also aims to become a customers’ partner offering efficient product and application solutions. Our business focuses on the area of heat transfer and process applications which can maximize customer benefits in terms of heat balancing and energy conservation leading to cost savings.

Nowsday, we will hold the operation as the Holding Company which will include the business like Trading, Engineering, Automation, Services as well as the Engineering Consumable Products and etc.