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ARMSTRONG-Digital Control Valves


Emech® – Digital Control Valves

Actuator Features

• Electric Stepper Motor Control
• 100% Duty Cycle rated for continuous control
• Planetary lifetime lubricated, low backlash gearbox
• High speed 1.3 second quarter-turn response
• Precise positioning achieving 0.03° valve seat placement
• Software configurable PID control for individual application loop tuning and special modes via RS232




Emech® is digital hardware that is faster, simple, and smarter with one goal in mind: unparalleled performance in industrial applications. Emech® digital control valves are available for steam/water and hot/cold water industrial service. The unique range of Emech® multi-patented ceramic disc/stainless steel disc rotary 3 port mixing and 2 port flow control valves, when combined with the Emech® digital actuator delivers superior closed-loop performance in terms of speed, precision and reduced mechanical wear when compared to traditional mixing and control valve systems.

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Digital Control Valves