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EI WILLIAMS-Vent Silencers

EI Williams

Vent Silencers

Data Required To Select Vent Silencer

• Application (Vent, Blow down, Relief)
• Fluid Composition (Steam, Gas, Air)
• Molecular Weight or Specific Gravity
• Process conditions upstream of valve and units (lb/hr, SCFM, ACFM), Temperature Pressure (P 1)
• Atmospheric pressure ( P a ) and temperature (T 2) if known.
• Line size between valve and silencer
• Line size from silencer discharge
• Unsilenced octave band noise levels,
• Attenuation required (silencer performance)
• Allowable pressure drop


Vent Silencers

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A vent silencer or a blow off silencer is a device used to reduce unwanted noise created by gas or steam flow in a pipeline discharging directly into the atmosphere. This noise can be generated due to the high velocity flow through the valve and turbulence created around any obstacle in the line that suddenly restricts or changes the direction of flow such as valve or an orifice.

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Vent Silencers


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