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PEGLER-Globe Valve


จากประเทศ U.K.

Technical Characteristic

• BS5154 PN32 Series B/NM
• Rising stem
• PTFE renewable disk
• High quality lubricated packing
• Can be re-packed under pressure


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The Pegler brand has been a major force in valves for over 100 years and is continuing development in today’s markets by offering globe valves as a traditional offer for isolation and regulation in pipe lines. With two seat options this concise range of globe valves are used to throttle efficiently. They are used for flow regulation, frequent operation, increased flow resistance or positive shutoff when closed.

Additional information


Type of Valves

Globe Valve

Product Subtype

Bronze threaded globe valve with renewable
non-metallic seat disk, female ends, PN32
Type 1029

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