TERAL – Centrifugal Fan and Blower model CMF, CLF, VFZ


จากประเทศ Japan

● Lightweight and Compact
● Reduced Inertia Mass Up to 30% reduction!
● Low Vibration Thoroughly eliminating causes not due to impeller unbalance!
● High Efficiency and Low Noise
● Limit Load Fan Properties
● Additional Safety Considerations We have introduced quality control based on Section IX of the ASME international standard!

● For ventilation such as heated air drying furnaces, dust collectors and sorting machines
● Equipment cooling
● Air supply and exhaust in factories, etc.
● Air conditioning for medium-to-high rise construction
● High-speed duct system air conditioning
● Kitchen exhaust


These pumps are used in civil, industrial and farming facilities, especially for
– Aqueducts
– Irrigation
– Steel works
– Building yards
– Sugar works
– Air conditioning
– Paper mills
– Fire fighting
– Thermal power plants

Technical Data
Flow rate up to: 3,500 m3/hr
Max. Head up to: 170 m
Max. Operating pressure: 25 bar
Max. Temperature up to: 130°C

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