VALAS – Pressure Regulator Valve Type SRV-1100S/F


จากประเทศ Korea


• The valve reduces the pressure.
• Diaphragm that can response rapidly to the pilot air supply and strong to endure the foreign material.
• Diaphragm is used longer than metal plate
• Easy installment and maintenance.
• Perfect sealing with the disc made of Carbon Graphite PTFE.
• The valve can be used not only for the steam line but also gas line.



This is a regulating valve that controls pressure accurately and stably by operating the operation part with a little air pressure to control the 2nd side pressure and forming decompression proportion through return line connected to the 2nd side. Diaphragm built on the operation part reacts faster than the other bellows-type ones without any leakage, so that it works smoothly with long lifetime.

Additional information


Type of Valves

Pressure Reducing Valve

Product Subtype

Pressure Regulator Valve
Type SRV-1100S/F


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