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VALAS-3-Way Piston Valve


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• On/Off valve.
• Perfect sealing with the disc ring made of PTFE.
• Two stem structure absorbing the impact in the seat.
• Body made of Stainless Steel.
• Gland Packing made of 4 pieces V-packing that prevents the leak around the stem.
• Spring with Shot peening process that improves the life time.


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Piston Valve works with a little air pressure. So, it is used as On/Off valve that controls the flow and direction ofliquid by up/downward piston movement inside the cylinder, which is operation part.

The trim part is made of PTFE (Teflon) soft seal, so that it can be perfectly sealed.

Additional information


Type of Valves

Pneumatic Piston Valve

Product Subtype

3-way Pneumatic Actuator Piston Valve
Type VP3W-SR, VP3W-FR / VP3W-FR(S)

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